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I am an enterprising mother of two adorable sons. Sustainable development on ecological, economical, social and individual levels is at the core of my values. I have grown up surrounded by entrepreneurs and have been working as one myself for several years. As an employee, I am flexible, independent and focused. I get easily inspired and I am wealthy in ideas. I quickly adopt new information and I’m able to apply accumulated experience efficiently. The practical work experience has brought enough ground under my feet, so that I can also bring ideas to the set target. I understand the value of long-term work and the commitment to the objectives pursued.


Operational partner,
Peaceful Impact Publisher Oy

2017 – 2019

Peaceful Impact Publisher was an internationally operating, Finnish publishing company that produced and sold educational services and literature. In particular, the motive was to shed light on the topic of emotional trauma and dissociative disorder in a multilevel manner, as well as their effective treatment and therapy.

more about my job

My duties included getting familiar in publishing industry and building a boutique publishing company. Publishing books worked as a business card for other business activities. The aim was to build an international network that included professionals who also have experiential knowledge of the topic we represent. 

In addition to producing books, articles, blog posts and videos, we made public appearances and provided lectures and workshops in various occasions – mainly for instances representing the social and health sectors. 

My work included all the company’s operational activities, the construction of a multilingual publishing platform, content production, marketing, the construction and maintenance of e-commerce, and communication with internal and external stakeholders. In addition, I myself also worked and performed as an expert and a trainer.

Event coordination and communication, Kukunori ry

2019 – 2019

Kukunori is a think tank and civil and human rights NGO championing social welfare for all, aiming to develop new and innovative solutions to challenges in the mental health and cultural sectors. Its fundamental aim is to promote a culture of experimentation among its member organizations by establishing contacts between different stakeholders with a view to exploring synergies between them, thus nurturing cooperation, interdisciplinarity and innovation in solving societal problems through an approach based on the promotion of human and civil rights.

more about my job

My duties included event production, communication and content production for the website, social media channels, and for print materials in collaboration with project teams. The employment relationship was fixed term.

Graphic designer & entrepeneur,

2013 – 2017

I offered graphic design, SEO and online communications services in my own company. My main tools were Adobe Software and WordPress publishing platform. My goal was to build personalized digital solutions where performance, usability and cost-effectiveness were the key factors.

Store manager/Team Leader, MacPeople Oy

2009 – 2013

I was responsible for the daily operations and duties, reporting, client communication / feedback, sales team and business result of our flagship store. I trained all new sales representatives. I designed and implemented campaigns in co-operation with our marketing manager. Our store created the most sales. I attended a number of Apple manager courses.

other noteworthy

Keynote speaker, 8th European Conference on Mental Health


8th European Conference on Mental Health  was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our team was invited to speak on the main stage for our noted work in the field of psychiatry and mental health.

Only in Finnish: Kirsti Kivinen, Silmän liikkeitä – Retkiä traumavyöhykkeille -publishing, illustration and layout of the book


Kirsti Kivinen, a psychologist, psychotherapist and author, is an internationally experienced developer and researcher of working life and health care. Kirsti has written multiple non-fiction books about issues concerning mental health. She has received the State Award for Public Information in 1977.

Production of WEBSITE AND GRAPHIC MATERIALS FOR the Finnish society for trauma and dissociatiOn

2017 – 2020

Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives – Stories about Trauma and Dissociation – compilation, layout and production of the e-book


Five Survivors, A Hundred Lives was published at Berne, Switzerland in the international ESTD Trauma Conference in November 2017. The book is available for purchase at Amazon and as an e-book at iBooks, and Google Play.

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